2024 Sustainable Scientific Software Conference

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Hosted by National Labs Information Technology (NLIT) Summit

April 8-11, Seattle, WA

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The Sustainable Scientific Software Conference (S3C) will help connect individuals and teams from the High Performance Computing (HPC) community that are working to deliver scientific software solutions in a sustainable manner. Sustainable software delivery spans the spectrum of software engineering, from design and development to DevOps, and software deployment platforms, from laptops to HPC systems.

The S3C committee is excited to have our third conference in 2024. We are now partnering with the National Labs Information Technology (NLIT) summit to have our tracks executed. We are looking for to get broad input from everyone in the Development and Operations workflow to submit an abstract and present your view of what is going well, and what needs to be improved. If you are a user, application developer, DevOps engineer, or system administrator, consider discussing your successes and challenges with your peers in the community.

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Committee Members

The themes for this year are:

Security and DevOps (DevSecOps)

Understanding New Technologies for DevOps

  • The role of AI in scientific software development
  • Container technologies

Overcoming Challenges with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

  • Dependency management
  • DevOps of organizations
  • Software configuration management
  • Funding and open-source pathways for software sustainability

DevOps Infrastructure for CI/CD

  • DevOps infrastructure and pipeline development
  • CI/CD in practice at government labs
  • Tools and infrastructure for integrated software development in HPC
  • Heterogeneous system workflows

Incorporating Applications into Larger Workflows

  • Outage recovery

Scientific Software Development Challenges

  • Research software engineering as a career
  • Software engineering for sustainable scientific software
  • Coding for Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
  • Integrating Open-Source Software (OSS)

HPC System Management and DevOps

  • System Management

DevOps Principle 2 of Continuous Feedback

  • Programming the data center
  • Data discovery

Building Successful Teams

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