Category: Registration
Question:     What is the last day to register?

Answer:       Registration is open until capacity is reached or until April 9, 2020.  After April  9, late registration will be permitted on a case-by-case basis and a $200 late registration fee will apply.
Question:     Is there a registration fee?

Answer:       Yes. The registration fee is $50. It will cover snacks and beverages.
Question:     Is there a limit on the number of people that may attend the conference?

Answer:       There is limited space since the venue can accommodate only so many people; however, we do not anticipate this happening.
Category: Hotels
Question:     How do I book a room in the room block?

Answer:       Click on the Hotels tab, then click on the link under the picture of the hotel where you want to stay, and complete the registration directly with the hotel of your choice.
Question:     Is there a group code for room block discounts?

Answer:       All three hotels will provide the government rate - use the link under the hotel picture on the Hotels tab to book directly with the hotel of your choice.
Category: Logistics
Question:     How many people are expected in each class?

Answer:       Capacity is limited to 20-30.
Question:     Are workstations provided to the attendees or are they expected to come with their own laptops?

Answer:       Attendees will need to provide their own laptops/tablets.
Question:     Will network access be provided?

Answer:       Internet service will be available; attendees will need to access the internal network via cryptocards.
Question:     Will attendees be able to demo gitlab.sandia.gov or would they have to utilize gitlab.com for a mock workflow/demo?

Answer:       A mock workflow/demo would have to be used as there will be no direct Sandia access.
Question:     Will there be multiple tracks running simultaneously?

Answer:       Whether there is one track or two tracks depends on the number of submissions.
Category: Submissions
Question:     Must all participants submit a talk or seminar, or is the expectation there will be additional participants who are getting educated?

Answer:       Attendees are not required to submit talks or seminars - they may choose to only attend.
Question:     Will there be a call for posters?

Answer:       No, there will be no poster session this year.
Question:     I have submitted an abstract but have not been notified if is was accepted.  Who should I contact?

Answer:       The committee will notify each person beginning the week of March 9.  If you have not been notified by March 30, please send an email to ASCSSSSC@sandia.gov.
Question:     Is there an interest in hearing about work that is only partially ASC funded?

Answer:       Yes, work only partially ASC-funded is welcome for presentation.
Question:     Can an uncleared US citizen present?

Answer:       Yes, all talks will be at an UUR level, so uncleared folks are welcome to present.
Question:     Could you clarify if a "paper" is expected for SSSC talks/submissions?

Answer:       No papers are needed or being accepted, just abstracts.